Xtracta App Info

Data Extraction

The Xtracta App is a web based service that extracts data from documents, removing the need for a human to manually enter that data into a computer system. Be the document an invoice, order, form or virtually anything the Xtracta App can capture data from it efficiently and automatically. 

Save Costs & Boost Efficiency

Data entry is low value work with the resource performing it, people becoming an ever higher cost as wages rise. The Xtracta App performs the job of data entry easily and automatically for your organisation. Easily cut costs, increase workload processing efficiency and redeploy your workforce to higher value work.

Ease of Implementation

Xtracta has chosen to tightly control the way in which the Xtracta App and its underlying technology can be used. This is to ensure that the user experience of using the automatic extraction technology is as seamless and easy to use as possible. No training should be required to utilise the automatic data extraction technology.

You may find that the Xtracta App's data extraction technology has already been built into your software product by the vendor or a 3rd party (check our connected software page). If not, we would typically work with your vendor for them to integrate the Xtracta App or a 3rd party (typically a party accredited to develop with the software you use) can build an integration. If your desired use of the Xtracta App isn't to integrate with an existing software, our custom solution partners will configure the App to meet your needs.

Our certified integration programme ensures that user experience and the results generated are as good as possible.


The Xtracta App has been designed from the ground up to be highly flexible and able to meet a large range of applications for data extraction. With complete flexibility allowing users to designate virtually any field of data they want to capture, the system can be configured as is needed for your application.

The App also has a large number of auxiliary features such as an advanced validation engine, data matching and workflow capabilities.

The World is Changing

Just as the industrial revolution has transformed manufacturing, farming, transport - the technological shift towards automation powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology will transform the way that businesses operate. From automated warehouses powered by robots to the gardening and cleaning performed by autonomous machines - much of what today's human workforce will be able to move to higher skilled positions as machines that are far more efficiency and far less costly perform low value jobs.

The Xtracta App is a step into this new world, powered by best-in-class artificial intelligence technology built by our dedicated A.I. research team - Xtracta's technology brings A.I. into parts of your business where previously only human knowledge could work. 

Be part of the future.