Software Companies

Easy Integration

The Xtracta App is extremely simple to integrate into your applications. With an easy to use API, extensive development resources and one-on-one developer support, you can bring a high-value feature to your clients with a very straightforward development process.

Effective Pricing

With wholesale pricing at a level allowing software companies to choose to absorb or on-charge, the technology is economic for mass roll-out. For companies looking to absorb the costs, Xtracta will work with the company to develop commercial models which economically cover their user bases. For companies looking to build additional revenue from offering the service, wholesale pricing provides extensive opportunities for margin building.

Empower your App

Data entry is a tedious, costly and heavily disliked task which all organisations would like to do without. Utilising Xtracta's pre-built, easy to integrate solution to this problem, you can provide a high-value new feature to your application with very little development work. Bring enhanced value to your customers and empower your application.

Move Ahead of Competition

In a competitive world, getting ahead of your competitors gives you a clear advantage in the market. The Xtracta App is an easy way to get ahead - simple to implement and bringing immediate value through cost savings and efficiency gains to your clients.

By removing the need for manual data-entry, bring time savings and efficiency gains to your clients and move a step ahead of your competitors.

Easier Capture, More Information & Big Data

Often, to save time on tedious data entry, users will only enter the bare essentials from their documents. Perhaps they will omit line items or detailed product information from invoices or skip item descriptions from sales orders. This can save time but for the likes of invoices this severely reduces the data available for analysis and for sales orders this could lead to improper orders being dispatched where mistakes could have been picked up sooner.

Because the Xtracta App captures all of this information automatically, that data will always be available leading to better outcomes for your clients. With the advent of big data, you can start to build out better analysis, business intelligence & other exciting systems for your clients.