Receipt OCR & Capture API

Xtracta's Data Extraction API supports fast & accurate receipt data capture. Backed by Xtracta's A.I. technology, the API is capable of handling scanned/photographed (OCR) or digital receipts and utilises machine learning to self-improve. Use the API to build receipt data capture into your app quickly and easily.


The API supports virtually every field required to be extracted. Simply enter the the names of the fields you need into the system and the A.I. takes over all other processes. Data options include:

  • Vendor details
  • Amounts
  • Dates
  • Payment Information (including card/cash)
  • Taxes
  • Line Items

Fast Response

Xtracta's Receipt Capture API takes processes data and provides a response typically in 5-10 seconds allowing real time results to be displayed to the user. Great for platforms requiring near instant feedback such as mobile.

Desktop, SaaS & Mobile

The API is easily implemented in any system that has internet access and supports POSTing data and parsing XML including desktop platforms, SaaS (web) platforms and mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows etc.. Supporting both synchronous and asynchronous options you can implement as your platform needs.


Xtracta Re-brandable Mobile App

From software vendors who are yet to deploy their own mobile receipt capture App to startups in a rush to get to market, Xtracta offers a fully re-brandable mobile app that can be skinned for any brand and deployed quickly and cost effectively. Provide your own logos, colours and language alterations and have your private label mobile App deployed to the Android and iOS stores in days. Interfacing your software to the mobile app is easy through Xtracta's data extraction API.

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