Invoice Scanning & Capture API

Xtracta's data extraction API supports accurate and simple to deploy invoice data extraction. Without the need for manual rules or templates and designed from single site to en-mass deployment, the API can be incorporated into ERP, workflow, Accounting LoB or virtually any application.

Digital, Scanned or Photographed

The Xtracta App invoice API supports all forms of invoice including virtually all digital formats (PDF, DOC, XLS etc.) and imaged documents (PDF, JPG, TIFF etc.). Give users the ultimate flexibility in how they submit documents for auto extraction.

No Rules or Templates Necessary

Using Xtracta's artificial intelligence technology, the invoice capture API doesn't need specialist engineers to setup "rules" or "templates" for each supplier invoice design. Even if the system has never seen that supplier before, chances are it can pull all of the information required automatically including line items.

Smart Learning & Big Data

The service uses Xtracta's artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to constantly improve itself, mining through all documents passing to the service to self-improve.

End-users can also use the easy to use learning screen where they simply click on data to show the application what data they want from their documents should it be missing. All user feedback also passes to the system's learning processes improving the quality of extraction for all users.

Easy to Use

The API is very simple to integrate into your application. With full documentation & integration support available; and the using of industry standard REST architecture with XML data structures - the API can be deployed into desktop, SaaS or mobile Apps quickly and efficiently.