API Info

The Xtracta App API allows software to directly connect into the core Xtracta App data extraction engine via the internet.

Desktop & Cloud Support

The API supports both connection from desktop and cloud products providing a widely deployable solution.

For cloud products - we support two-way connectivity to efficiently support a large user base originating from a single connection.

For desktop products - because the API runs on industry standard HTTPS, you can deploy an integration without having to make any firewall changes or involve IT departments at your deployment sites.

For Software Companies & Developers

Software companies and developers can leverage the API to quickly and easily add powerful functionality that their users will love. With highly cost effective pricing, extremely simple integration and a product which scales horizontally across virtually every end-user, integrating with the Xtracta App is a compelling opportunity to increase functionality and revenue. Perfect for products in a huge number of areas but with notable mention:

  • ERP
  • Accounting
  • Job Costing
  • Inventory

Industry Standard Structure | XML & HTTPS

The API uses industry standard HTTPS POST for request and XML for response. With virtually all software platforms supporting this combination - integration can be achieved with most software products.

Tightly Integrated

Using the API, the Xtracta App can be tightly integrated into your software application. Sitting as a background service, you can provide a data extraction feature with ease that feels and virtually functions as just another part of your application. Where user interfaces are necessary, use our API endpoints to build out your own UI that feels like its part of your application or use our easy-to-deploy, fully brandable pre-made interfaces callable through the API.

Highly Scalable

Using the API, the Xtracta App can scaled from one to thousands of deployments or tenants of your software. With a fully automated provisioning system, you can easily deploy data extraction to all of your users in a fully automated manner. Easily provide data extraction as a standard feature or provide or as an automatically provisionable charged module as part of your software package.