ABM Data Extraction

15 December 2016

ABM’s Data Extraction is set to launch early February and will be available to all its subscribers.

The new service provides ABM users the ability to automate the processing of business documents. The new service will improve efficiency and allow users to spend more time on higher value tasks.

The process is simple, suppliers need to send the invoice through to a dedicated email address which will then read the document and automatically pull the required information into ABM or they can drag and drop directly into the interface.

ABM Data Extraction can be customised to automate other documents your business deals with such as service requests, timesheets and stock requisitions.

ABM is one of the latest accounting software providers to provide an automated data process powered by Xtracta's technology. ABM came on board to utilise Xtracta’s artificial intelligence to read and comprehend documents in the same manner as humans do and achieve a highly accurate service that improves over time.

For more about ABM’s Data Extraction Service click here.


Set up of Data Extraction is simple and can be done within the ABM software


Customise how you would like the information received and whether you want your documents stored


The easy to use invoice upload screen


Once the invoice is uploaded and the data has been extracted it will appear on this screen