December 2016 Updates

18 December 2016

As we continuously improve the Xtracta product we want to keep our users informed of the changes. Here are updates from December 2016.

Amazon S3 Bucket output
For users whose ERP systems don’t include storage or they are looking for storage solutions for their documents post-data extraction, Xtracta can now output documents to Amazon S3. Simply connect your Amazon S3 account in the output section of the workflow editor, choose your S3 bucket and once the data extraction has taken place and documents outputted, they will be automatically sent to Amazon S3 for storage.

If you are looking for added security e.g. for a public S3 bucket, Xtracta can now create GUIDs as a default value for a field (can be a hidden field) which can be used in the output settings within the filename.

Supports default value for the database linked fields
If a database is used to populate the options in a select (drop down) list, the workflow admin can choose a default value from that database to use. For example if a currency selection field is designated to use a database to list values (either manually defined or more commonly synced with an external list via the API), a default currency could be set.

Supports automatic due date calculation
An invoice’s due date can now be calculated automatically based on the information given on the invoice e.g. "7 days following invoice date" or "20th of the following month" Users can set up a rule for each supplier to over write the supplier document information.

Supports output to WorkflowMax
Xtracta now supports output to WorkflowMax. Once the document data has been extracted and the document sent to output status, it will be outputted into WorkflowMax using the defined WorkflowMax access credentials. It is possible to simultaneously output to multiple systems e.g.:

  • WorkflowMax + Amazon S3
  • WorkflowMax + Xero
  • WorkflowMax + Xero + Amazon S3