A.I. Research & Development

To power the Xtracta App's automatic data recognition and extraction capability - Xtracta as a company has invested heavily into artificial intelligence technology. Building up an extremely strong knowledge and understanding of the application of A.I. in regards to documents and the data structures within them, Xtracta has built a world class research team along the way. Bringing together knowledge and experience from all sides of the world - the team is a diverse mix of goal-orientated researchers who each have backgrounds in a range of A.I. disciplines. With a mixture of academic and prior private organisation experience, they blend the free flowing thought of the academic world with the discipline and experience of the private sector to turn those ideas into real-world technology and products.

Utilising a range of A.I. technologies including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and many more, the team has built a technology stack that emulates the thought patterns and approaches of humans and their ability to interpret documents. The technology has the ability to autonomously learn new languages, data relationships and even completely new document types.

Big Data | Acting On It

One of the key aspects of Xtracta's approach has been Cloud Computing & Big Data. Many have touted Big Data as a revolution in computing. Big Data is the concept that by utilising a large set of data, one can uncover patterns which may have not been obvious to a human reviewing it or which are not easily found in traditional statistical modelling. The idea is to find new information for your organisation to act on. Xtracta takes a similar line with Big Data, but instead of just creating information to act on, our A.I. system autonomously learns and improves itself based on what it finds.

As a cloud service, Xtracta has access to every single document that it has ever processed, a singular system for data mining external resources (such as web) & the ability to pool computing resources into a singular system. The Xtracta App model works in two steps:

  1. Core data mining looks at all of available resources from the entire global Xtracta network, finds relevant links, corelation and structures within it and generates an organically changing "knowledge pool" of data extraction approaches
  2. Distributed processing servers which capture the data for our clients in real time are constantly updated with the "knowledge pool" and thus know how to most accurately extract information from documents they see

Without cloud computing and the "bringing together of data", Xtracta's technology and value proposition would be hugely weakened - we are thus big proponents of Cloud Computing (among the many other benefits!)

The Future

With such a strong knowledge and capability in the field of A.I. and through our experience with document data extraction we are seeing further opportunities for our A.I. capabilities around the document space and perhaps further afield. Keep an eye out....